About us

Mr J Designs

Quality & Quirky Custom Lighting

Mr J Designs is a furniture and lighting design company that produces quirky and individual pieces. Including the Charles Bowler hat light and Prince Edward Top Hat light.

We like to design our products with the essence of British class and humour.

All of our products are made to the highest standards and we have built our reputation on making quality products that will last a lifetime.

We love bespoke projects and often alter existing products for our customers, so if you have a particular colour, or finish in mind get in touch and we can see if we can make your ideas come to life!

Who are we?

Founders: James and Jon

We are two best friends who met in school and stayed in touch all throughout university years.

Back in the day whilst in school we decided to start our own design company, a pipe dream if you will.

After we both finished studying our Furniture and Product design degrees we got together and decided to follow our dream and do it!

Since that moment it has been a roller-coaster with one or two lows but many, many highs and we wouldn’t swap it for the world.

Meet the Team

James Ecroyd